124 W. Broadway Eugene Or.


Sun Bossa (Brasilian!) – Sat, January 31, 8pm – 11pm

Led by guitarist Edson Oliveira, SUN BOSSA QUINTET takes you on a journey to the heart of Brasil! They perform samba, chôro and bossa nova.

Choro is instrumental Brazilian music, samba is the basic rhythm of Brazilian music, and bossa nova is a more subdued and intimate samba, influenced by African, jazz and classical music. Bossa nova became internationally famousl and contributed many beautiful songs to the world repertoire. Examples include “Meditation,” “The Girl from Ipanema,” “Wave,” “Desafinado,” “One Note Samba,” “Once I Loved,” “How Insensitive,” and Corcovado.

EDSON OLIVEIRA (guitar and vocals) has lived in Eugene since 1997, where he performs as a soloist and as the leader of his group Sun Bossa. In 2008, Mr. Oliveira released his CD, “Edson Oliveira Plays Antonio Carlos Jobim,” a tribute to one of the greatest Brazilian composers of all time.

JOHN POLESE (piano, accordion and flugelhorn) discovered Brazilian music in 1998 and has been enamored ever since. He performs with many local bands and accompanies modern dance and ballet classes at the University of Oregon.

BRIAN TOON (guitar) has played with numerous area bands and has been with Sun Bossa since 2009. A musician of great talent and sensitivity, Brian has been a wonderful addition to the band.

MIKE HATGIS (bass) is a gifted musician, who has played with Sun Bossa since 1998. Mr. Hatgis exudes art and grace when playing Brazilian music on his bass.

SUSAN LUCIA (drums), a Denver native, has been playing drums 11 years. Susan is influenced by many different styles of music, especially Brazilian and African dance music, and traditional Afro-Peruvian. Susan tours regularly, and is a busy with several unique bands.