124 W. Broadway Eugene Or.


Louis Landon Trio (from Arizona) – Sat, July 26, 8pm – 11pm

New York based pianist and vocalist Louis Landon performs in a classic jazz trio setting with bassist Dusty Carlson and drummer Jim Douglas.

Louis Landon (endorsed by Steinway Pianos) has pursued a long and diverse musical career. Essential elements and roles include diplomat, humorist, entrepreneur, technician, visionary, politician, philosopher, activist, and artisan. A well-rounded, magnetic personality combines with his obvious gift for performing a range of musical styles. He has performed and touring with such mainstream names and international icons as Mikhail Baryshnikov, John Payne, Rupert Holmes, and John Hall. From classical repertoire to jazz, pop and rock, Landon has used his expressive gifts and talent to his full advantage for others.

Peacekeeper is the muse most recently peering over Landon’s shoulder. Louis upholds a passionate belief that music is the most significant and likely medium to bring peace and harmony to a weary, and war-torn world.





Smokey Beau’s Cafe: Summer Menu! – Thu, July 31, 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Dona Clarke promo with lightSpecial Summer Song Menu!

Our own “Smokey” Beau Belansky will be returning as pianist for this special summer concert!

Satisfy your musical appetite at SMOKEY BEAU’S CAFE, a 1940s inspired music cafe. Audience members choose from a song menu offering a variety of fun, unique, swingin’, and vintage Swing Era tunes. Vocalist Dona Clarke, with Javier Gonzalez on drums, Fred Wesley on bass, and “Smokey” Beau Belansky on piano, serve up some fine musical meals just for you!

Special guest MAUREEN DRIESE, who is a Smokey Beau’s Cafe favorite, rounds out a great night of jazz…1940s style.

Beau Belansky left Smokey Beau’s Cafe last fall to focus on his studies at the U of O. We are pleased, and honored, to have him join us again for this concert.

Smokey Beau’s Cafe is sure to awaken your musical taste buds and tickle your funny bone. Place your song order and we will serve up a HOT musical dish just for you! Wear your best 1940′s threads, bring a friend, and enjoy a delightful musical meal and perhaps a glass or two of regional beer or wine at Smokey Beau’s Cafe!