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About the Jazz Station (updated June 15, 2015)

Launched in 2005, the Jazz Station is an all-ages community performance space and art gallery located at 124 W. Broadway. Supported by memberships, contributions and event revenues,  the venue offers  concerts, visual art and affordable rehearsal space for musicians, artists and fans.

The Jazz Station is a project of the Willamette Jazz Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the art of jazz.  The involvement of youth in concerts, jams and audiences is a key strategy. The Jazz Station is a nexus for jazz musicians, and also functions as an incubator for new  jazz “projects” that mature to perform in other area venues.

Facility at 124 West Broadway, Eugene, Oregon

The Jazz Station features a lobby with beer and wine bar, an  larger elevated stage with a new sound system and theatre lighting, a “green” room for performers, a rehearsal/lesson studio, and two accessible bathrooms.

The Gallery & First Friday Art Walk Receptions

The gallery features work by local artists and enhances the interior ambiance.  We host a free opening reception with live jazz from 5:30-7:00 pm during the First Friday Art Walk.  Sales of art support both the artists and also The Jazz Station.

A community-supported, all-ages venue

The Jazz Station is operated almost entirely by volunteers.  A community of 100+ members (musicians and jazz lovers) provide core support through monthly memberships.  Members enjoy discounts to concerts and workshops and jam sessions, vote for the Board of Directors, and attend member special events during the year.  Musician members may book the affordable rehearsal room.

Our Sunday all-ages jazz jam provides a supportive setting for young and developing jazz musicians to improve their improvisational “chops” at the heart of this art form.  We also have an advanced jam on Tuesday nights.

In short, the Jazz Station offers musician and jazz lovers of all ages a unique and comfortable space to present and hear live jazz.  Art and  jazz on Broadway contribute ambiance and vitality to the heart of Eugene.

Board of Directors (elected April 29; officers selected in subsequent Board meeting)

Rich Linton (President); Laura Niles (Vice-President; Chair, Managing Committee), Jack Viscardi (Secretary); Bill Klupenger (Treasurer).

Raymond Frey, Stephen Golledge, Gavin McComas, Wayne Martin, Herb Merker, Torrey Newhart, Eric Richardson, Nick Rieser, George Rode, Alexis Smith