The Jazz Station presents over 180 diverse, inspired, and creative jazz concerts and/or workshops each year.


Our concerts are typically on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights with shows from 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM. We welcome all styles of jazz music and keep a busy booking schedule.


We believe in community over competition and our jams are held with this in mind.

The Sunday Learner’s Jam is presented every other Sunday afternoon by local saxophonist Jon Corona, a recent graduate from the University of Oregon. The focus of these sessions is to play and workshop tunes in a positive environment that provides personal and group instruction from a professional teacher and player. This program is currently on hold.

Jammin' With The Pros is presented every other Wednesday from 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM and is designed to give more experienced players an opportunity to play or sit in with a solid rhythm section provided.


The first Monday of each month is a special occasion in which many of Eugene’s top players get together and read big band charts. During the second set, the band is opened up for younger students to sign up and sit in with the band. The main goal of these shows is to have FUN!


These special events present some of the most acclaimed jazz musicians in the region, typically organized around a specific instrument. We currently have a series featuring jazz keyboardists performing on The Jazz Station's new Yamaha baby grand piano.