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Jazz History

•    The History of Jazz —Ted Gioia

•    Keeping Time: Readings in Jazz History — Robert Walser

•    Miles, the Autobiography — Miles Davis and Quincy Troupe

•    Notes and Tones: Musician-to-Musician Interviews — Arthur Taylor

•    Good Morning Blues: The Autobiography of Count Basie — Count Basie and Albert Murray

•    What Is This Thing Called Jazz?: African American Musicians as Artists, Critics, and Activists — Eric Porter

•    The House That Trane Built: The Story of Impulse Records — Ashley Kahn

•    Charlie Parker: His Music and Life — Carl Woideck

•    The John Coltrane Companion: Five Decades of Commentary — Carl Woideck

•    Music Is My Mistress — Duke Ellington


Other Black Music History

•    Blues People; Negro Music in White America — Amiri Baraka

•    The Power of Black Music: Interpreting Its History from Africa to the United States — Samuel A. Floyd, Jr.

•    Black Resonance: Iconic Women Singers and African American Literature — Emily J. Lordi

•    Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America — Tricia Rose

•    Groove Music, the Art and Culture of the Hip-hop DJ — Mark Katz

•    Sounding Race in Rap Songs — Loren Kajikawa

•    Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-hop Generation — Jeff Chang

•    Music of the Common Tongue: Survival and Celebration in African American Music — Christopher Small  

•    Prophets of the Hood: Politics and Poetics in Hip Hop — Imani Perry

•    Segregating Sound: Inventing Folk and Pop Music in the Age of Jim Crow — Karl Hagstrom Miller

•    Love and Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class — Eric Lott

•    Right to Rock: The Black Rock Coalition and the Cultural Politics of Race —  Maureen Mahon

•    Race Rebels: Culture, Politics, and the Black Working Class — Robin D. G. Kelley

•    Between God and Gangsta Rap: Bearing Witness to Black Culture — Michael Eric Dyson


American History

•    The New Jim Crow: mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness — Michelle Alexander

•    The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America — Khalil Gibran Muhammad

•    Seeing Race Again: Countering Colorblindness across the Disciplines — Kimberlé Crenshaw, Luke Charles Harris, Daniel HoSang and George Lipsitz

•    The Possessive Investment in Whiteness: How White People Profit from Identity Politics — George Lipsitz


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