Founded in 2002 as a 501(c)3, the mission of the Willamette Jazz Society (WJS) is to foster a vibrant local jazz scene through concerts and educational programs that encourage our community to love, study, and perform live jazz.

We host over 8,000 attendees annually. Tickets are affordable so that those with modest incomes can access concerts and educational jams. Our free student membership program enrolled 65 new students in Fall 2019.

We support local musicians by providing a venue for their inspirations. Whether a group is performing original material or standards, we strive to provide the necessary support for inspired performances to occur.


A key aspect of The Jazz Station’s mission is to educate local youth and adults about jazz to encourage new listeners, build membership, and support young jazz performers and the future of jazz music. On alternating Sundays, an all-ages jazz jam provides a supportive setting for developing jazz musicians and vocalists to improve their improvisational skills and confidence. The Jazz Station maintains a continuing relationship with the University of Oregon Jazz Studies program, offering an invaluable resource for students seeking off-campus performance opportunities in a club setting. Many of these students have gone on to establish professional careers as performers, composers and band leaders.


We believe in community over competition and frequently partner with local grade schools as well as the University of Oregon and Lane Community College.

Most of the programs we offer were thought up by people in the community who needed a place to try out their ideas. We try to partner with folks as often as possible.



  • Steve Owen, President
  • Jim Olsen, Vice President
  • Sean Peterson, Secretary
  • Eve McClure, Treasurer

At Large Members

  • Randall McGowen
  • Niels Miller
  • Erika Mittge
  • Alex Parthemer
  • Sarah Rose
  • Patty Sage

Executive Director

  • Monica Piper